Emmanuel C Lachlan: The Ocellus Series

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Emmanuel C Lachlan is based in Godalming, Surrey, England and has written stories and poems for many years. He began formal training in creative writing in 2015.

He favours micro and flash fiction of 50 to 500 words and his themes are frequently Kafkaesque and often feature the individual against "them" and the system. He has had several pieces published.

His tutor suggested he expand a short piece and this evolved into the first book in the Ocellus Series: The Story of the Twelfth Stone. The second and third books in the series are: Möbius: The Story of the Eighth Stone, and Dodecahedron: The Story of the Second Stone.

His current project is Enneagon: The Story of the Fifth Stone.

When not writing, Emmanuel composes music for choirs and explores philosophy and mathematics.

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