Emmanuel C Lachlan: The Ocellus Series

Black oval with a white engraving of a regular dodecahedron: an object with twelve pentagonal sides.

Dodecahedron is the third book in the Ocellus Series, for age 14+ and is set millions of years before the events recorded in Ocellus: The Story of the Twelfth Stone.

Following the religion wars five thousand years ago, society survives in giant protective domes.

Seventeen-year-old Tanun rebels against the repressive society that has evolved and is banished to the outside. He follows an ancient railway track into a tunnel and discovers a glassy-black oval stone amongst the rocks and rotting sleepers. The stone is so unusual he keeps it, and after emerging from the tunnel sees on one face an engraving of a dodecahedron.

Soon, a friendly alien, Cassièl, confronts him and says he has searched for the dodecahedron stone for trillions of years. He warns Tanun he is in great peril from the evil KimMorii, who stole the stone, because if they found him and took the stone, he would die. Meanwhile, Tanun's younger brother, Chyke, has escaped and caught up with him.

Cassièl leads the boys to another, more liberal dome where they both develop a close relationship with Joor-Jen, a fierce young woman who trains them in close combat and helps them adapt to their new life.

The KimMorii invade and civil war erupts. In the chaos of war, Tanun has to deal with double-agents, the kidnap of his brother, and deceit and betrayal, while keeping Dodecahedron safe until Cassièl can successfully and safely retrieve it.

Like the Ocellus and Mobius stories, Dodecahedron is huge in scope and deep in emotion and takes the reader into alternative universes, repressive societies, and fateful relationships.

About the Author

Emmanuel C Lachlan is based in Godalming, Surrey, England and has written stories and poems for many years. He began formal training in creative writing in 2015.

He favours micro and flash fiction of 50 to 500 words and his themes are frequently Kafkaesque and often feature the individual against "them" and the system. He has had several pieces published.

His tutor suggested he expand a short piece and this evolved into the first book in the Ocellus Series: The Story of the Twelfth Stone. The second and third books in the series are: Möbius: The Story of the Eighth Stone, and Dodecahedron: The Story of the Second Stone.

His current project is Enneagon: The Story of the Fifth Stone.

When not writing, Emmanuel composes music for choirs and explores philosophy and mathematics.

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